Four Questions

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air’s salubrity.” Emerson


Long days and nights at the ocean’s edge can lead one to deep reflection. The film encourages the viewer to see this portion of the natural world in new ways and to imagine themselves as they might be now, in the past, and in the future.

10 minutes


Actor   Emma Campbell »
    Paul Constantino »
    Betsy Daly »
    Christine M. Flynn »
    Ed McCarthy »


Director   Ned Daly »
Boston-born filmmaker Ned Daly has lived at or near the ocean for most of his life, including a stint as Mate/Cook aboard a 53’ wooden sailing yacht. He has enjoyed the beach and ocean swimming from Lahinch, Ireland, to Far Rockaway in NYC, to the island of Moorea in the South Pacific. For the last 14 years he has taken a dip in the ocean at least once in every month.

He was trained as a stage actor in Massachusetts. As an actor he has worked with directors Alan Arkush, Miklos Gyulai and more recently with Morten Tyldum and Greta Gerwig. His earlier films, Pastiche Vol1 No1, Why We Went to the Moon, Abang Aku, and The Closer You Look have played to appreciative audiences at scores of film festivals worldwide. In 2021 he won the award for Best Cinematography at the French International Film Festival.
Composer   Emma Campbell »
Film composer and musician Emma Campbell was born in the UK but moved to the States for love, becoming a step-mom in the process. Emma had a passion for playing the piano from an early age, and her later loves include Beethoven, motorcycles, mountain walking and tea drinking. After working in education for 20 years, Emma is currently the Music and Choir Director for a church in Massachusetts.

Ms. Campbell and Ned Daly previously collaborated on 2017’s Abang Aku and 2020’s The Closer You Look. These films were enjoyed by film festival audiences from Indonesia to New York City to Cameroon.
Cinematographer   Ned Daly »
Art Direction   Nan Daly »
Astronomer Royal   Tim Carey »
Choreographer   Karen Lane Bray »
Film Editor   Ned Daly »

Updated January 2022