Drive Noah Drive


“If life is inconsequential, then only inconsequential things matter.” On the road more traveled there can be a lot of traffic, so here’s some drive-by advice that will keep you in the passing lane.

Drive Noah Drive is a “how-to” reality show that brings viewers in the car with Noah Kircher-Allen, a bon-vivant young professional. He navigates the streets of Los Angeles, offering bite-sized tips on subjects ranging from how to deal with crazy people to what to do on a first date. Noah’s philosophy is that in order to enjoy life, one must focus on the smaller details of life, making the difficult easy and the uncomfortable less so. This line of thinking drives him to share advice that, while sometimes practical, teeters on the ridiculous and amoral. But with Noah it’s all about justification, so no matter how far off the morality track he gets, he always gets back on with a win-win conclusion. Co-created by filmmaker Aaron Proctor, Drive Noah Drive represents two young artists’ independent efforts to create a “middle road” web series; one that brings higher quality to a reality based series, but does so with zero budget. Each episode is shot from the passenger seat perspective, initially in DV and now HD with the Canon 5D Mark II.


Host   Noah Kircher-Allen »


Director   Aaron Proctor »
Designer, Main Titles   Charles Choo Jr. »
Director of Photography   Aaron Proctor »
Editor   Aaron Proctor »
Original Score   Lucia Comnes »

Updated August 2023