A new media artwork that is a demonstration of a real-time computer system that senses color changes in a live video feed to make choices from a database of dialogue lines … a live cinema-making machine. In this example, the brightness levels of red brakelights on a Los Angeles freeway are matched to five emotions: anger, irritation, indecision, hope, and love. The result is a movie directed by an environment.

Awards and Screenings

Winner 2004 Output Int’l Design Competition
Official Selection 2005 Int’l Conference on the Arts and Humanities
Official Selection 2004 CiberArt Int’l Festival
Official Selection 2004 Narrative: Digital Storytelling Conference
Official Selection 2004 Wight Gallery Exhibition
Official Selection 2004 Hacking the Timeline
Featured 2004 Aminima Magazine


Director   Scott Hessels »
Director of Photography   Aaron Proctor »

Updated May 2011