"The Berry Paragon: Legend of Ford's Journal"

The adventure begins...


A college professor (Alexis Maquin) embarks on a mystery adventure with a group of students (Josh Hayes & Kelsey McKernie) among the historic campus of Berry College. Along the way they must solve puzzles and clues, with the help of their department head (Dr. Eric McDowell) and his hidden agenda, as well as evade pursuit by a violent thug (George Garcia) in order to uncover the secret of Henry Ford’s journal and learn where Martha Berry’s original land deeds are hidden before they are intercepted by a villainous trustee (Dr. Christine Anton) intent on taking over the school.

51 minutes


Dr. Henri Thomas   Alexis Maquin »
Jebidiah Montgomery Washington IV   Josh Hayes »
Elizabeth Dobson   Kelsey McKernie »
Hans Gunther   George Garcia »
Dean Harold Atkins   Eric McDowell »
Catherne Wolfstein   Christine Anton »


Director   James Clarke »

Updated May 2012