Inspired by the Keats poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Arterial is a short film set in the industrial hinterlands of the Thames estuary. Benjamin is lonely and isolated. On his daily commute he encounters a girl - arcadian and beautiful, she offers an esca


Arterial explores the themes of ennui, lust and the impact of industrialisation on the natural environment.

The film is set in London and the Thames Estuary - an area of heavy industrialisation and urbanisation that contrasts with the lush natural environment.

Important influences on the film include thinkers such as Walter Benjamin and Henri Lefebvre, landscape artists including Samuel Blake and Paul Nash and the work of writers and artists such as Arthur Machen, J.G. Ballard, Iain Sinclair and Patrick Keiller.

Filmmakers and photographers whose work has work has had an influence on the film include Chris Petit, Michelangelo Antonioni, Nicolas Roeg, Dan Holdsworth and Mitch Epstein.

10 minutes


Benjamin   Christian Kinde »
The Girl   Sheena May »


Producer   Christopher Ian Smith »
Writer   Christopher Ian Smith »
Director   Christopher Ian Smith »
Director of Photography   Lewis Davies »
Production Manager   Damiano Blloshmi »
Assistant Director, 1st   Paul Angell »
Sound Recordist   Chris Cubitt »
Camera Assistant   Alisa Boanta »
Still Photographer   Lucas Ferreira »

Updated September 2012