"Book trailers are always a bit like low-budget short films, but this trailer for Scott Sigler's bio-horror film Ancestor relishes its exploitation movie cred. It's flesh-rippingly awesome, and more than enough to get you primed for mad-science nastiness." -- Charlie Jane Anders, io9

"Not only is the trailer pretty darned good, but the book doesn't look half bad either." -- Bloody Disgusting

"On June 22nd best selling author Scott Sigler's new novel Ancestor hits store shelves from Crown Publishing, and to show off the cinematic, horror movie quality of the book, he's created a trailer with blood, guns, guys, girls, and monsters! What more could you ask for?"
-- Dread Central

"I’ve seen book trailers before but this one is ridiculous! It looks like a movie already." -- Word Sushi

"Yes, it’s cheesy. But that’s half the fun. How badass is it to see a trailer for a book!? I would love to see his earlier works Infected or Contagious turned into a big budget horror flick. It would be awesome!" -- Film Blot

"Scott has also created an awesome book trailer that is just like a movie trailer. Trailers are a great way to get attention from readers but also can be a way to attract a movie deal itself. Visual culture and YouTube is so ingrained in culture that a book trailer can convert people who might not go to bookstores into buyers. Trailers are also ‘evergreen’ marketing and get views daily. This is so much better than print advertising so it is worth spending time and effort on." -- The Creative Penn

"There are book trailers and there are book trailers. This is a bloody excellent book trailer." -- David Moody

"The trailer is a work of art in itself, and definitely worth a look!" -- Hail Horrors

"I admit I have never heard of Scott Sigler, however this trailer for Ancestor, his latest book, is awesome." -- Nigredo's Room

"Good trailer to promote his latest book. Production values in book trailers are really shooting up!" -- Robert Chazz Chute

"Now *this* is what I call a book trailer! Wow." -- mavjop (Twitter)

"I can't think of a book trailer I've seen that hasn't been cheesy. Have you found a non-cheesy one yet?" ... "This book trailer manages it - I love it." -- ghostfinder's reply to EmApocalyptic (Twitter)

"This really could be a great movie. It's awesome." -- SWGmovies (YouTube)

"The quality of this trailer is SICK damn." -- yoyofreak94 (YouTube)

"This is an awesome video - incredible work!" -- Mildred Cady (YouTube)