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About the Event

2011 Networking Party Date

Holiday Inn Hotel Burbank-Media Center
150 East Angeleno Avenue
Burbank, CA
United States

Event Description

  • This is a FREE event, so if everyone can bring at least one additional friend, it'll go a long way in helping us enjoy an evening of meeting new faces within the entertainment industry.
  • The event will be held inside The Cast and Call Lounge.
  • FREE parking structures are located a block away on Orange Grove.
  • Dress attire for the evening is street casual.
  • This is a low-key event.
  • Business cards a plus!
  • The purpose of this mixer is simply to meet new people within our Industry. So come, relax, enjoy some drinks, and let's build our network!
  • Hosted by James E. Roberts and Chris Commons

Event Updated
over 11 years ago
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