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About the Work

Way of Life

Way of Life

Director: David Driver

Way of Life follows the story of Michael Daube, a young man of modest means from small town America who finds a valuable piece of art in the garbage, sells it at auction and builds a hospital in one of the most remote areas of India.

The film follows an organic path around the world, focusing on the aspects of Daube's work that inspire us to consider and appreciate our own best intentions. With camera work that is both intimate and stunning, director/cinematographer, David Driver interweaves moments of this incredible journey to illustrate how Daube's simple, ground level approach to working with marginalized communities in the developing world leads him to live an rich, diverse and satisfying life.

About the Event

Way of Life @ SF South Asian Film Festival Date

Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street
San Francisco, CA
United States

Event Updated
over 11 years ago
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