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Public events for works from artists in the FWD:labs collective

About the Event

"Relationship Therapy for the Modern Human" Date

Space 1520
1520 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Event Description

Seafishing, by Mary Costa, Lauren Randolph, Jessica Kucinskas (1 min.) Venus, by Tor Fruergaard (8 min) Two, by Maya Newell (17 min) Gayby, by Jonathan Lisecki (12 min) Fancy , by Chris Olsen (3 min) Love Hurts, by Christian Simmons (5 min) I Fucking Hate You, by Zak Forsman (9 min) The Virgin Herod, by Xander Robin (8 min) Time After Time, by Laurie Thomas (4 min) Megafauna, by Kaz Phillips Safer (14.5 min) Porch Casserole, by Douglas Burgdorff (7 min) Coffee and Cream, by G. Lewis Heslet (5 min) Love Fucked, by Anthony Ferraro (3.5 min)

Event Updated
over 11 years ago
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