Coca Cola: NSAC Campaign


Select pieces from the UCLA Ad Team’s “You Don’t Have To” campaign. The campaign was for Coca-Cola, as part of the 2007 NSAC student competition.

UCLA placed 2nd at Regionals.

Our campaign’s big idea: “You are yourself with Coke.” Teens have to worry about making a good impression and being constantly “on” every minute of their life. But when they get home, kick off their shoes, and finally get to relax…what do they drink? The only drink that doesn’t try to shove a lifestyle down their throats: Coke. You drink Coke when you have your guard down, when you’re comfortable. You drink Coke when you are truly being yourself.


Creative Director   Jaemin Yi »
Creative Director   Jesse Epstein »
Designer   Laurel Bybee »
    Michael Doherty »
    Erick Goto »
    Jessie Liu »
    Tiffany Pan »

Updated February 2008