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We are a small operation, big on experience

Courtney Robertson

Business Manager
Los Angeles

Courtney has been working in art/entertainment since 2005. A lifelong advocate and participant in the arts, Courtney thrives in environments where both her knowledge of management principles and practical skills can support the creative process. Having worked for over six arts organizations across Southern California, she has experience in accounting, media relations, customer service, budget management, copyediting, and fundraising.

At FWD:labs, Courtney is the business manager, responsible for the bookkeeping, various copyediting tasks, and the creation of press releases for FWD:labs Productions. Additionally, she acts as a consultant, providing guidance on accounting, public relations, and fundraising. She also writes a regular column on the blog.

Subsequently, Courtney works as a grantwriter at Occidental College, where she is responsible for maintaining budgets and organizational statistics, preparing grant reports and proposals, and the copyediting of various materials.

She holds a BA in theatre with a minor in business administration from Chapman University, and an MBA and MFA in Theatre Management from California State University, Long Beach.

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