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FWD:labs is a film + web + design studio and collective network

We have been doing full-service and do-it-yourself work in film, web, and design
for artists and businesses over the last 10 years

We believe in the triple threat and the three-way win. We don't hit fast forward — we're super fast forward. No, not rushing the work but getting to the good stuff, being ahead of the pack, and never stopping short of exceptional. We do this by connecting storytelling with innovation — being at the intersection of forward momentum and laboratory precision. We thrive in connecting like-minds, encouraging creative productivity, and inspiring forward-thinking ideas.

Our studio provides film, web, and design services to organizations, small businesses, and the entertainment industry.

Our network services film, web, and design professionals to share, manage, and promote their best work.

Who We Are

FWD:labs is run by its founder, Aaron Proctor. We hire a lot of incredible people to help, like camera assistants, copywriters, and graphic designers. And our team is growing!

Get In Touch

We've got a contact page but feel free to e-mail us directly at info@fwdlabs.com. We're based in the heart of Echo Park in Los Angeles, California. We've got a cool Google Voice number at 716-FWD-LABS (716-393-5227).

Connect With Us

We're also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Github. Need technical support? We have a Help & Support page which may help, but feel free to e-mail, too.

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