About Us

At FWD:labs, we push things forward, while maintaining laboratory precision.

For over 10 years, our studio provides film, web, and design services to organizations, small businesses, and the entertainment industry.

What We Do

We specialize in three areas of work, all of which have to do with visual communication:

We craft original film and video content for the screens big and small.

We construct, design, and manage custom websites and social channels.

We produce tangible print design and marketing collateral that's memorable.

Our Process and How We Think

Dividing projects into three phases is a good place to start: the beginning, the middle, and the end.

Our best work comes from discovering possibilities, producing great work, and getting it out there.

Strategy is paramount. How do you do just enough, but not too much, to hit the ball — out of the park.

Instead of focusing on one (video, post, etc.), we look at the cadence, the series, and the big picture.

Our clients love that we can do it all: aiming high, managing goals, and communicating clearly.

The Who and The Where

FWD:labs is based out of North Hollywood in Los Angeles and is run by its founder, Aaron Proctor.

We work with a lot of incredible people, ranging from camera technicians, copywriters, and graphic designers.

Our team takes the shape of every project's needs: scaled up or scaled down.

Our services range from RED cameras to VPS servers to CMYK proofs. Let's make something great.

Let's Chat

Ready to go, have a question, or want to say hello? Please contact us.

You can also email info@fwdlabs.com or call 716-FWD-LABS (716-393-5227).

We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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