• Photo for Long Awaited [excerpt]
  • Photo for Long Awaited [excerpt]
  • Photo for Long Awaited [excerpt]

Long Awaited [excerpt]

Short Film teaming
Chris Commons + James Roberts + Point of Blue Studios


An ex-soldier seeks the widow of the man he killed by friendly fire.

“Long Awaited,” a short film, is the first project to be produced under the banner of 213 Productions. Filmed on beautiful 35mm film stock, the movie was made possible through a grant from Panavision and many generous private donations.

10 minutes


Marcus   Rob Allen
Laura   Jill Jordan
Erik   Ross Willett
Man in Truck   Eric Clarke
Woman in Truck   Laurie Jones


Director   Chris Commons
Writer   Chris Commons
Writer   James E. Roberts
Producer   James E. Roberts
    Jed Linder
Director of Photography   Jon Salmon
Production Designer   Daniel Wrobel
Editor   Mike Plunkett
Original Music   Patrick Kirst
Sound Designer   Alex Reeves
Sound Mixer   Alex Reeves
Visual Effects   Jaraad Virani

Updated May 2014