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Dans La Fumee


Dans la Fumee is a whimsical caper through an urban landscape infused with a romantic inner glow. When a handsome young writer is beguiled by an enigmatic siren, he chases her through the smoky, dimly lit city caf├ęs even as her identity eludes him. Paced to the silky, ephemeral music of chanteuse Lucienne Boyer, Dans la Fumee will pull you into a surreal-smoke filled world of fantasy.

Directed by Derek Dabkoski for NYU’s 2005 Intermediate Color Sync course.

8 minutes


L'homme Anglais   Cameron Moir »
La fille   Malaena Cadiz »
La Madame   Dominique Bousquet »


Director   Derek Dabkoski »
Screenwriter   Derek Dabkoski »
Producer   Kati Lampa »
Director of Photography   Andrew Wonder »
Assistant Director   Joanna Tillman »
Assistant Camera   George Alvarez »
Art Director   Jaqueline Castel »
Make-Up   Jin Gilbert »
Gaffer   Patrick Murray »
Key Grip   Nick Paley »
Best Boy   Mark Karinja »
Sound Recordist   Matt Bryant »
Production Assistant   Will Torbett »
    Rachel Jatovsky »
Editor   Jazmin Jamias »
Translator   Basil Glew-Galloway »

Updated April 2009