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Care Center Slaughterhouse

Short Film from Benjamin Martian

Deadly Nurses and Psycho Seniors Citizens!


Deserted, forgotten, waiting to die, the residents of Sundowners Manor decide to go out with a bang when they form a suicide pact of bloody war, but when the sexy nursing staff brings their own brand of deadly hospice care into the mix, this pleasant care center turns into a bloody slaughterhouse!

2 minutes

Awards and Screenings

Currently 2nd place in The Hobo With A Shotgun trailer contest. Voting ends April 7th 11:59 PM EST http://ca.hobowithashotgun.com/contest/vote/


Director   Benjamin Martin »
Composer   Jeff Findley »
Make-up Artist and Effects   Rosa Menendez »
Writer   Benjamin Martin »
Cinematographer   Benjamin Martin »
    Stacey Garrett »
Editor   Benjamin Martin »

Updated April 2011