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  • Oct 23, 2009

    The last scene shot for WOL was Michael bargaining for a taxi to take him to Bahktapur. Working yesterday with Renu, she admitted she was the worst with paying for taxis. We were so impressed with Michaels ability I thought or should be shared. I hope it will make the cut.…

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  • Friday night Feb 27: at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco.

    People filtered in, for the fundraising benefit, starting just after 6pm until the gathering reached about fifty people. We were expecting thirty so we consider the evening a smashing success. We were really grateful that people brought friends and passed the word along if they couldn't make it. We raised some funds and made some excellent new connections. I really enjoyed speaking with those people whom I have never met and it was great to catch up with old friends who i don't often get a chanc…

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  • Thank You!

    We just wanted to take a minute and give a big THANK YOU to all those people who made contributions over this holiday season! Your support is very important as we continue to work with the ongoing process of acquiring foundation support. And I especially wanted to recognize, what I think is, our cutest supporter. That would be Holden Driver of Pittsburgh Pa. We love you Santa!Editing continues pretty much on schedule and we are looking forward to a new rough cut soon.Until soon,…

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  • Fund Raiser

    We are in the midst of planning a fund raising party for some time in January! Keep an eye out - I hope you can make it. Sign up for the email list if you haven’t already and we can keep you informed.    …

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  • Production: Nepal

    Production in Nepal went very well. We were fortunate to solidify an excellent working relationship with Renu Khsetry, an independent journalist and film producer. Renu coordinated production while we were in Kathmandu and served as translator while we worked to further portray the lives of the Nepali people affected by the main characters of the film.We filmed several substantive interviews including an interview with MP Sunil Pant. Sunil helped with the creation of the initial women’s center…

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  • Article by Michael Daube

    Take a couple minutes to check out this article written by Michael Daube for Guideposts Magazine. It’s an inspiring story and serves well as the back story to the film. We have had a great time developing inspiring images to illustrate some of these events. Here is a link to the online version. . Also, if you have a chance to pick up the Fall 08 issue of Tricycle magazine then check out the article, “Miracle Worker.” It’s also an article about Michael and the work he has done over th…

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