Sergio Costa Production designer


Curiosity takes us, from listening trough walls, to discover America... José Maria Eça de Queiróz, (19/20th century portuguese writer)

My choices have always taken me to work on artistic activities and production. Since ever, I've decided that my existence would be lived through Art.

My particular taste for painting, sculpture and performance art has been amplified during those years when I dedicated myself to paint, sculpt and exhibit my work. My curiosity towards a deeper knowledge of these activities took me to study them with a degree in History of Art. Joining these studies with my artistic activities, I've always shown, organize and presented my work. I've also taken serigraphy impressions to edit other authors, project development to design spaces and interiors and finally worked in an Art Gallery to select, present and spread other artist's works. My journey into the Art world will get to the summit thanks to an installation and exhibition. It's great success will give me enough financial support to indulge me through the rest of my work. I had choices to make. Those are the years in which I will transform my artistic activities into commercial ones making clothing design, graphics and interior design.

1980's main references:

Master in History of Visual Arts
History and Portuguese Art Critics lecture with Professor Fernando António Baptista Pereira. 5th Art Biennale Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Olharte Gallery, (exhibitions of João Jacinto, Gil Heitor Cortesão, António Marques, Francisco Ginjeira and Teresa Inácio, Nodi, and others). Installation and exhibition in Monumental Gallery, Lisbon.

Clothing design, graphics and interior design for commercial places and discos (Plateau, Alcântara Mar, Kremlin and Bauhaus, Lisbon).

Painting / sculpture in public and private collections - General Art Jorge Rosário collection, Biennale of Vila Nova de Cerveira's Museum.

The professional activities' compilation will take me now towards a more defined and diversified course of action. The whole apparent disparity of my anterior activities will combine itself into one and only activity witch unites them all: scenography. First applied to full-length films for cinema then to advertising commercials for television and video clips.

During the nineties, I've worked with a great number of directors on a great number of projects. I piled up enough experience to allow me deep knowledge on how to develop an artistic direction project associated to scenography space production and special cinema atmosphere creations.

At that moment, I establish a company, the Xpirit of Lisbon, which will gather all scenography atmosphere production services, artistic direction and projects, construction and screenplay accessories, team management and production.

The proposal is to elaborate the project in its whole, from the script/story-board with the film director.

With the Xpirit of Lisbon and in collaboration with numerous technicians, artistic directors, constructors, props, executive and decoration producers, most of them advertising and cinema producers, I've created nearly 300 stenography projects / artistic direction, for advertising commercials, long feature films, television series, shows, stands and commercial exhibitions, on a national and international scale.

1990's main references:

Joaquim Leitão, José Álvaro de Morais, Teresa Vila Verde, Joaquim Pinto, Joaquim Sapinho, Robin Davis, Jorge Marecos Duarte, Filipe La Féria, Edgar PeÌ‚ra, Duarte Barrilaro Ruas, Eduardo Guedes, Ricardo Pais, Guilherme Daibert, Frank d’ Aprederis, Pol Cruchten, Fabrizio Costa, Marco Martins, Miguel GaudeÌ‚ncio, Patrick van Hautem, Antonio Pinho Vargas, Paolo Barzman, Francisco Graça, Rogério Boldt, Ivan Zacharias, Manu Coeman, Rachel & Fabrice Carazo, Carlo Sigon, Rui de Brito, Scott Weber, and more.

At that time, the enterprise's activities are over and it becomes an urgent need which asserts itself more and more as a new starting course: the best project structure as an applied work, the acquisition and knowledge foundation which unite all anterior activities and enlarge, improve and generate new work forms. During those years, my work is based as an art director, individual, one film at a time. On the other side, the projects become more and more international ones, services and productions are done in other European countries. I will also make great scale sculptures for commercial productions, taking on back the old pleasure of working directly on the form.

In 2001, I will start my architecture studies, a connexion route chosen from already passed knowledge and activities.

From then on, I will develop my software knowledge applied to 3D project designs, architecture projects and interior design, institutional exhibition projects in Europe and finally I will achieve my masters.

In 2005, I am invited to ensure the production direction of Eurostand, an enterprise who produces exhibitions, museums and events. For three years, I will direct commercial and institutional projects,  national and international scale.

From all the projects, I can mention exhibition productions as the first Lisbon Architecture Triennale, the exhibition cycle of Design + in London, Barcelona and Lisbon, The National Exhibition of the Polis Project and Portugal Pavilion in 2008 Zaragoza's Expo.

Afterwards, I will start a postgraduate master's degree in Museology and Museography in Lisbon's School of Fine Arts, which I am still taking on today.

I will dedicate those last few years of the decade to art direction where all my previous experiences reunite, as my permanent taste for the ephemeral, for the re creation and again re creation, in a sort of liberty to start all over again, dismantle each project and elaborate it again with another and always different perspective, not as much as final product but as a technical and aesthetic mean to reach another end, the one of film space construction.

2000's main references:

Xavier Meiresse, Jan Wentz, Marco Sousa Santos, Ricardo Bak Gordon, ParquExpo, Hans Jonkers, Maarten Treurniet, Salomão Figueiredo, Marina Simões, Borgatto and Berté, Raul Cortés, Filipe Alarcão, Leonel Vieira, Paulo Maldonado, José Mateus, João Ventura Trindade, Zaha Hadid, Rachel & Fabrice Carazo.

Inaugurates multifunction space in Lisbon, the 4it. This project, in a development phase, pretends to shelter working ateliers and an event space, a studio or exhibitions and a café place/Lounge, a space in permanent transformation.

This space houses my working studio and a starting point for new initiatives and ideas.

Museography projects and urban space requalification, with educational services to supervise population and for urban zones qualification, my thesis theme.

Artistic direction for commercials and cinema.

2010's main references:

(updating soon... ...)