Keegan Wilcox has a diverse lifelong background in narrative storytelling and branded content, having worked effectively in both the production and creative arenas of film and advertising. He has recently represented brands like Mercedes, Hyundai, Jeep, and Gillette, forming collaborations with RSA Films, 72andSunny, BBDO, GlobalHue, Merkley+Partners, and IMG Group. His work has aired nationally and internationally during the Grammys and other major telecasts.

"Porcelain Unicorn" - Keegan's short film entry for the Philips Cinema Parallel Lines global campaign - has attracted a million plus views on YouTube and been sought after by film festivals around the world. The same campaign won Philips their fourth consecutive Cannes Lion award. "Porcelain Unicorn" has been honored by numerous Jewish organizations, including The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.

Keegan has executive produced, produced, and co-directed many other short narratives, independent features, and ad campaigns starring Magic Johnson, Manny Pacquiao, Cheech Marin and Cedric The Entertainer, integrating celebrity talent with brand names.

With each new project, Keegan aims to honor and redefine the tradition of cinematic storytelling, exploring new depths of human emotion, enhanced by the most of what industry technology can offer. He accredits his balance in business and creative sensibilities to his mother (an attorney) and his grandmother (a watercolor painter).