Joshua Moore

Joshua spent two years as a programmer at the Mill Valley Film Festival and curated a showcase of Swedish short films as well as independent feature films from around the world. Joshua graduated the Los Angeles Film School in 2000 where he studied all aspects of film production and post-production under the teachings of Donn Cambern (The Last Picture Show), Carol Littleton (ET), Lawrence Paul (Blade Runner), Charles Edward Pogue (The Fly), and David Klein (Clerks) among others, focusing on editing and directing. Joshua continued his film studies at San Francisco State University earning his BA in Cinema production and theory, and worked as a teaching assistant in courses focusing on film history and international cinema. An independent filmmaker, writer, and amateur photographer, Joshua also worked as a reader for Michael Douglas and Francis Coppola, as well as an editor for the San Francisco International Film Festival. He is currently in development on what will be his first feature film.