basileinman Digital Content Creator

I am currently a senior at the University of San Francisco. I have knowledge in many different editing software's, including but not limited to: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and Premiere Pro. In regards with music editing, I am also rather proficient at Pro Tools, Audacity, Hindenburg, and Ableton.

My desire to produce digital content has long been a part of me, having always been eager to create. Ranging from animating, producing/directing/editing film, creating and mashing up music, sound design, to VJing (using Resolume Arena)... I quickly jump from one medium to another.

Furthermore, I have a background in Computer Science which has allowed me to dig a little deeper into the digital world. My familiarity with Java, Python, and HTML/CSS has allowed me to explore the roots of what digital really means.

I am currently acting as the Director of Production at the radio station KUSF, creating on-air promos and station IDs, as well as maintaining off-air radio automation (ENCO). Leaving this title's boundaries, I also act as the current web developer for KUSF.