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About the Alexa Frame Line Composer App


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Job Tags for Alexa Frame Line Composer

Cinematographers, Camera Assistants and DITs

Date Added

June 08, 2011

Developer's Description

The ALEXA Frame Line Composer (AFLC-1) is a simple tool that enables you to easily create custom markings based on your specific requirements.

Frame lines in ALEXA are stored in the form of XML files. A standard set is provided in each camera by default. The user-generated XML file can either be individually downloaded or embedded in a .zip file with a predetermined file structure.

Files are then easily transferred to a FAT formatted SD card (maximum capacity of 4GB) that is inserted into the card slot on the camera body and uploaded by pressing MENU > MONITORING > FRAMELINES > FRAME LINE 1 (or 2) > ADD.

In addition the layout can be saved as a .PNG image for archival purposes or be generated as a frame leader in full resolution.

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