Stand out in castings with
high-quality content on your
actor demo reel

We can work with you to create a custom production and provide a team of professionals to deliver cinematic content that makes you shine

Photo: we shot multiple scenes tailored to a brand-new reel for this actress, Veronica.

Featured Examples of Our Actor Demo Films

Short Film for Actors

Poor Joey

Working with an Acting Collective to Produce Cinematic Content

Production + Cinematography

Web Series for Actors

Drive Noah Drive

Knocking Out a Season of Content with a Simple Concept

Direction + Production + Cinematography

Scene for Actors


One Scene for Two Actors within a Six Hour Shoot and Six Hour Edit

Direction + Production + Cinematography

About the Creative and Production Process

Refresh Quotes • Photo: we worked with musician Lucia Comnes to star in her debut music video, "Potpourri"

What separates this from a normal actor demo production?

You're the star. Each shot and every close-up are tailored around you and your strengths. The genre and role are customized to play up (or down) any typecast.

How is this different than a walk-in scene for a reel?

You'll be working with seasoned professionals and premium equipment to craft you cinematic content, tailored to your needs and blending in as full-length work.

How does the editing process work?

You'll see the cut online for fast, clear collaboration. Your cut is our cut. There's no other agenda.

How can the footage and cut be used?

You'll be welcome to use the edited final product anywhere you'd like.

Other Featured Examples of Our Fiction Films

Book Trailer

Scott Sigler's "Ancestor"

Creating a NY Times Bestselling Author's Book to Boost Pre-sales

Direction + Production + Cinematography

Branded Content

UCLA Fund "Duel"

Lifting the Mood to Boost E-mail Open Rates and Donations

Direction + Production + Cinematography + Post


Jesse McCartney "Wanted"

Making a 30-Second Spot in 2 Hours with Jesse McCartney


Music Video

Lucia Comnes "Potpourri"

Upgrading a Musician's YouTube Channel to Look Official

Direction + Production + Cinematography + Post


S.K.A.M. Artist "Vegas Takeover"

Coloring the Cool of Music Label's Lineup to Look Money


Short Film

Crime in a Box

Shooting in Just 3 Hours, Winning Best-In-Show


and many more


Pricing & Service Features for Actor Demo Films



This plan is hourly-based, uses our creative direction, and is a cost-effective approach to getting you the most bang for your buck.
Prep • Conference Call
Shoot • 1 Hour Production
• Local, Free Location
Crew • Director/DP
Equipment • Camera
Post • 1 Hour Cut
• Social Media Upload



This plan is project-based, uses our creative direction, and provides room to brainstorm and revise while staying on time and on budget.
Prep • Conference Call
• Treatment and Moodboards
• Shooting Schedule
Shoot • 5-Hour Production
• Local, Rented Location
Crew • Director/DP
• Camera Assistant
Equipment • Camera
• Lighting and Grip
Post • 5-Hour Edit with 1-Hour Revision Retainer
• Social Media Upload



Need more? Upgrades available. Additional production/post time starts at $75 per hour. See our rate card for more.
All jobs are quoted out, contracted, and billed 50% or more upfront before starting.

Photo: we shot 4K with anamorphic lenses on a remote farm, all slow-motion for a music video.

Some of Our Clients

Scott Sigler
Lucia Comnes
Center Theatre Group
Veronica LaVery

Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Kathy Lisiewicz
"Aaron is a creative cinematographer and director who is able to understand the needs of the client, create a detailed plan that explains his approach to those needs, and deliver a final product that is engaging and entertaining."
Kathy Lisiewicz, Production Coordinator

110% Every Time

Brooke Dooley
"Aaron is a very professional and competent Director of Photography. He puts 110% into every project. He understands the importance of collaboration and uses his creativity to ensure the best images are captured."
Brooke Dooley, Producer

Diligent, Intelligent, Creative

"Aaron is an incredibly diligent, intelligent, and creative Director of Photography and entrepreneur. Thanks to his enviable work ethic, personal vision, and affable nature he has already succeeded in many ways as a designer, film maker, and friend and I know he will only continue to impress and inspire in his future endeavors."
Jaraad Virani, Director

Next Steps

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Photo: we shot with inexpensive anamorphic lenses on a DSLR, using a permitted warehouse exterior for an expressionist dance sequence.