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Photo: we shot a 30-second spot for "Wanted by Jesse" with Jesse McCartney
Adelstein Productions
The Antaeus Company
American Photographic Artists
Art Center College of Design

Brookline College
Center Theatre Group
Clorox Healthcare
Copyright Alliance

Daily Concepts
Demand Media
The Department Of The 4th Dimension
The Durfee Foundation

Emotional ABC's
Face Focused
Green Dot Schools
Health Net

Image Source
Wanted by Jesse
Lucia Comnes

Michael Farmer Photography
Michael Grecco
Moore Foundation
National Union of Healthcare Workers

Point of Blue Studios

Scott Sigler
Seaglass Productions

UCLA Health System
UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES)
UCLA School of Nursing
UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
Unite Professional Salon System

University of California
The University of Sydney
Veronica LaVery
Visualist Publishing

Aaron Proctor is the principal director/cinematographer at FWD:labs

Below are some quotes from clients and collaborators about his work.

Photo: Aaron Proctor (left) seen in this production photo on the set of "This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday," starring Chris Dinh (right)

110% Every Time

Brooke Dooley
"Aaron is a very professional and competent Director of Photography. He puts 110% into every project. He understands the importance of collaboration and uses his creativity to ensure the best images are captured."
Brooke Dooley, Producer

Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Kathy Lisiewicz
"Aaron is a creative cinematographer and director who is able to understand the needs of the client, create a detailed plan that explains his approach to those needs, and deliver a final product that is engaging and entertaining. He is responsive, making requested changes quickly and effectively — and he does all of this in a personable, professional manner. I have enjoyed both the process and the results of working with Aaron, and look forward to future projects."
Kathy Lisiewicz, Production Coordinator

Innovative, Imaginative, Collaborative

Jack Feuer
"Aaron is a dynamic 21st Century creative with experience in all forms of digital media, including web design and video. He is innovative, imaginative and eager for collaboration. I recommend this talented young creative to anybody looking to make a difference with their communications, their storytelling or their impact in digital media."
Jack Feuer, Editorial Director

Diligent, Intelligent, Creative

"Aaron is an incredibly diligent, intelligent, and creative Director of Photography and entrepreneur. Thanks to his enviable work ethic, personal vision, and affable nature he has already succeeded in many ways as a designer, film maker, and friend and I know he will only continue to impress and inspire in his future endeavors."
Jaraad Virani, Director

Constant Ability to Deliver

David Badgerow
"I've known Aaron for many years now and have witnessed him work through various projects of varying size and scope, and one thing that has remained constant is his ability to deliver high-quality product. Many of Aaron's friends and collegues, myself included, refer to him as a "Mover & Shaker" appropriately, as he not only creates great product, but is constantly looking to raise the bar for his own work and the work of those around him to ensure the best possible output for the project at hand. Aaron works well with other creative-minded people. Overall, Aaron is a great contribution to the creative community, a serious hard worker, and fascinating individual."
David Badgerow, Animator


"Check out his reel. Awesome."
Eric Szyszka, Screenwriter

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Photo: we worked with an acting collective to produce cinematic content.