How do I prepare a video for my website?

At FWD:labs, as a service to our professional filmmaker user base, we do not re-process your uploads. In order to accommodate mobile, tablet, and desktop users on a variety of connection speeds, here are our recommendations:

Save Work as H.264 MP4

  • Transcode your master export (e.g. ProRes 422 1080p) to a H.264 MPEG (MP4) in order to allow all iOS devices to view the file
  • If speed of load is important, consider a 640x360 upload
  • If resolution is important, at the expense of load time, consider a 1920x1080 upload

We recommend the free app MPEG Streamclip to transcode your file. You can also use Apple Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder, and many other tools to achieve this.

We also recommend saving your video file with the same name as your project, alphanumerically without spaces, any dates, or version notes, e.g. my-film.mp4.

Advanced Users: Save Alternate Copy as .webm or .ogg

To take full advantage of HTML5 and cross-platform compatibility, you can also create a .webm variant of your file. We recommend Miro Video Converter for PC/Mac/Linux. As of 2015, the app allows for batch processing.

Another option for bulk encoding, FFMPEG is recommended.

.webm is essential for HTML5 video on Firefox and .ogg is helpful for Safari (although not essential).

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