How can I setup Google Workspace (previously G Suite)?

Google Workspace (previously G Suite, Google Apps for Work, Google Apps for Business, and Google Apps for My Domain) is a subscription-based set of services that gives your brand/business its own e-mail (Gmail), storage (Google Drive / Google Docs), calendar (Google Calendar), and more.

Instead of using /, your apps are all branded for your own domain name.

FWD:labs Pro accounts can integrate with Google Workspace.

  • Sign up for Google Workspace
  • Add your domain name to Google's control panel
  • When using Google Apps with your FWD:labs Pro account, the fastest way to verify ownership of the domain is to visit your domain registrar and add the CNAME record, which Google provides as a recommended option

Once everything is set, you can use Google Workspace with FWD:labs Pro.






updated over 1 year ago

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