Derek Dabkoski

Short Film

Dans La Fumee 

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Dans la Fumee is a whimsical caper through an urban landscape infused with a romantic inner glow. When a handsome young writer is beguiled by an enigmatic siren, he chases her through the smoky, dimly lit city cafés even as her identity eludes him. Paced to the silky, ephemeral music of chanteuse Lucienne Boyer, Dans la Fumee will pull you into a surreal-smoke filled world of fantasy.

Directed by Derek Dabkoski for NYU’s 2005 Intermediate Color Sync course.

8 minutes


L'homme Anglais   Cameron Moir »
La fille   Malaena Cadiz »
La Madame   Dominique Bousquet »


Director   Derek Dabkoski »
Screenwriter   Derek Dabkoski »
Producer   Kati Lampa »
Director of Photography   Andrew Wonder »
Assistant Director   Joanna Tillman »
Assistant Camera   George Alvarez »
Art Director   Jaqueline Castel »
Make-Up   Jin Gilbert »
Gaffer   Patrick Murray »
Key Grip   Nick Paley »
Best Boy   Mark Karinja »
Sound Recordist   Matt Bryant »
Production Assistant   Will Torbett »
    Rachel Jatovsky »
Editor   Jazmin Jamias »
Translator   Basil Glew-Galloway »