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About the Teleprompt+ for iPhone App


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Actors, Directors, Producers and Teleprompter Operators

Date Added

June 19, 2012

Developer's Description

“Teleprompt+ is the industry standard” — Sarah Lane, co-host of iPad Today, Tech News Today & The Social Hour

“Hands down the best teleprompter app for the iPad.” - AppAdvice.com

NEW VERSION 2.4! The most advanced and full-featured professional teleprompter for the iPad! Now with improved remote communications and script grouping and sorting!

Teleprompt+ is a simple yet powerful professional teleprompter for the iPad. Perfect for presenters, lecturers, students, teachers, broadcasters, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, business professionals, or anyone who would benefit from having a powerful visual aid while engaged in a public speaking activity.


* Write your speaking scripts directly in Teleprompt+ using the built in text editor, or by copying/pasting from Mail, Pages, or any other iPad app
* Track your progress using the integrated timer display (estimate, actual, and remaining time)
* Pause, play, and adjust playback speed during prompting
* Scroll text during prompting using normal swipe gestures
* Customize the following appearance and playback settings per script: scrolling speed, start countdown, timer display, font type, font size, text and background color


* Choose from 100 fine tuned scrolling speeds (Yes, our teleprompter goes to 11!)
* Speed wheel allows for precision speed adjustment while prompting
* Double tap using two fingers to quickly pause or resume playback

* Improve your focus with the reading guide arrow and shading
- Choose from 3 reading guide styles (arrow-only, shading only, or arrow plus shading)
- shading area can be adjusted in size

* Easily add cue points while editing (just tap, hold, and select “Add Cue Point”)
* Quickly advance or return to a cue point during prompting

* Text can be inverted on screen (for teleprompter reflector setups)

* Use the iPad as a “wired remote” for an external screen/projector using the Apple Digital AV, VGA, Composite AV or Component AV Adapter
- Text/reading guides appear on the external display while prompting
- Supports text mirroring - can be configured to mirror text on both devices, or only on the external screen, while the iPad text remains normal - perfect for professional teleprompting scenarios

AUDIO & VIDEO RECORDING (Video supported on iPad 2 and above)
* Record audio and/or video while prompting using either the front or rear camera
* Record and play back multiple takes - excellent for podcasting or for rehearsing a speech

* Directly import and sync text documents with your Dropbox account

* Directly import text from your Google documents

* Play, Pause, Adjust speed, cue points, font size and stop and start recordings right from a Bluetooth keyboard

* Use the AirTurn (www.airturn.com) foot pedal to control the prompter hands-free
* Perfect for musicians and other performers/presenters who need hands-free operation

* Use iTunes file sharing to copy your scripts (.txt format only) into Teleprompt+

* Use a second iOS device with Teleprompt+ installed to remotely control speed, font size, and scrolling
* Text syncing - script text appears on the remote control’s screen
* Remote keeps the text appearance, orientation, and position in sync

**Requires a wifi or bluetooth iOS device. Teleprompt+ for iPad/iPhone 2.4, Teleprompt+ Remote 2.4, or Teleprompt+ for Mac 1.4 required on the remote device. iPhone versions require iOS 4.0. This product is not compatible with previous versions of Teleprompt+.

Questions/feedback? Email us at support@bombingbrain.com. We love to hear from you!

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