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Producers, Editors, Cinematographers, DITs and Colorists

Date Added

May 01, 2011

Developer's Description

Dedicated to providing the most useful tools directly to the hands of the seasoned, as well as aspiring, filmmakers, Technicolor presents it’s debut self titled application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Technicolor provides two of the industries most sought after tools in this application. Ever needed to know how long 1,000 feet of 35mm 4 perf film equals in running time? How about 1,000 feet of Vista Vision 8 perf? “Film” will give you film footage to timecode calculations, as well as reverse lookup timecode to film. We’ve also included the total in frame counts which comes in handy for VFX pulls and other information requests.

“Data Rate” is also provided within this application to help you determine the storage requirements for your project. Written entirely based on codec specifications provided by Apple and Avid, this tool will calculate the storage for all of today’s popular offline and finishing codecs like Pro Res, and DNX HD, as well as uncompressed file types.

About Technicolor:

Partnering with content creators since 1915, Technicolor has helped creative geniuses translate their visions into magical and accessible user experiences.


These calculations are solely intended for estimation purposes only. Video Codecs can be Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and vary based on content. Calculations based on specifications and data found in the current Pro Res and DNX HD White-papers.

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Pretty much every iPhone or Android App you'll ever need/want if you're a filmmaker
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