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About the Storyboards 3D App


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Tamajii Inc.
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Directors and Storyboard Artists

Date Added

November 18, 2013

Developer's Description

Nothing should stand between directors and their ideas. Storyboards 3D lets you author your storyboards yourself, without the need for any drawing abilities.

Storyboards 3D is a totally new storyboarding app with a breakthrough user interface.

Storyboards 3D features:
- All content is in 3D.
- 3 rendering styles for your storyboards
- Exports to PDF via email
- Storyboards can be moved/copied to another iPad through the native format export
- Overview mode lets you rearrange the order of the shots
- Characters, props and decors can be positioned in all directions
- Low and high angle shots, extreme close ups
- Accessories (such as guns, glasses, hats) stick to the characters when you move them or change their position
- You can change the outfit, the position, the face expression of characters
- Intuitive 3D gestures for positioning and rotating characters and props
- In-app store with tens of packs (and more coming)
- Arrows, effects, backgrounds
- Photos can be inserted in your shots
- Text blocks and speech bubbles
- Audio can be recorded for each shot and played back when viewing the storyboard

iPad 1: we’re terribly sorry but after our last usability tests we have decided to remove the support for the iPad 1.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to backup your storyboards periodically or before updating the app.
Please email us to support@tamajii.com if you have a problem or a crash, we’re dedicated to improving the app and making it as perfect as possible.
About the Photos location tracking: we’re not keeping any information about your location. Since your photos may contain information about your location, Apple’s SDK requires that we ask for your permission to display them and use them within the app (for example as backgrounds). Once again, we do nothing with this info.

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