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June 20, 2015

Developer's Description

Important: ShotPro supports iPhone 5 and newer, iPod Touch 5th generation and newer, iPad 2 and newer, and all iPad minis.

ShotPro by Shot Professional is bringing true pre-visualization to Filmmakers, Directors, DP’s and Storyboard Artists on the iPad. Our easy to use interface lets you build compelling 3D sets and scenes, animatable characters, props, highly controllable lighting, cameras, searchable notes and exportable movies in a matter of seconds. No more stick figures and arrows! Visualize your concept in a world built by you and create intriguing motion and emotion with little or no learning curve!

What are ShotPro’s main features?

Lighting: Bring your set to life with dynamic lighting and shadows. Control ambient and production lighting variables such as color, brightness, position and even manipulate the sun.

Cameras: Control the camera by adjusting elevation, rotation, zoom, position and depth of field. Add multiple cameras for each scene. Customize the camera’s lens from 20mm-350mm.

Characters: Casual, formal, medical, personal, police, prisoner, military, elderly, children and more! Characters can be customized with specific movements, facial expressions and loads of full body motions like walk, run, swim, etc.

Props: Ranging from plants, water, furniture, streets, vehicles, buildings, FX and many more. All positionable and keyframable.

Keyframing: Add movement to props, characters and cameras. Adjust your view to create dynamic 3D or 2D simulations to use as a blueprint on set. From simple to advanced point to point movements your scene will come alive in seconds.

Realtime Performance in 3D: All scene manipulation occurs in realtime. This includes camera feedback, project playback and scrubbing.

Exporting: Once all your scenes have been completed you can export them out in 60, 30 or 24fps in 1080, 720, 480 or 240 as a .mov file to email to clients, crew, cast or friends.

Share: Projects can be shared with others or saved for your own back up.

Other Features Include:

Custom Backdrops: You can use one of the preloaded images, your own camera roll image or take a picture on site with your iPad’s camera. Backdrops are adjustable.

Weather Effects: Add rain snow and even smoke.

Music: Add a music track from dozens of preloaded choices.

Voiceover: Add custom audio to each scene using the iPad’s microphone.

Live Viewfinder: See what your cameras are seeing in realtime through an adjustable preview window. Switching between cameras automatically updates the viewfinder.

Ground: Preloaded with grass, asphalt, dirt, tiles, wood floors, grids for blocking and others.

Searchable Production Notes: Organize your shoots with scene notes. Each scene can have notes regarding cameras, talent, set specifics, call times locations and more. Includes a highly useful search mode.

Supported devices: iPad generation 3 and newer are fully supported. iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1 are supported, however, 1080p exporting and microphone recording are disabled.

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