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Directors, Editors, Producers, Cinematographers and DITs

Date Added

May 01, 2011

Developer's Description

OnSet is now FREE!

I (the creator of OnSet) have moved on to other things. I’m now teaching in the film programs at Sheridan College in Canada. Since I don’t have time to dedicate to support and maintenance of OnSet, I am making it a free product from this point onwards. I’m hoping to enhance it in response to the needs of our students. So, with any luck there may be some improvements over the next two academic terms!

Please don’t hate me if I don’t respond to support emails. If you have suggestions, feel free to email me. If I do have time to update OnSet, I will definitely take suggestions for improvements under consideration.


OnSet is the intelligent way to manage digital dailies on your film set. It has the potential to be a useful tool for directors, producers, script supervisors, and many other members of your film crew.

It allows you to integrate dailies with all of the related assets. Categories of documents that are currently supported include:

- scripts
- call sheets
- camera reports
- sound reports
- daily production reports
- continuity reports
- any other related documents (PDF, PNG, or JPG)

As you view clips, you can immediately view related documents. For example, when you select ‘Camera Report’ the system will retrieve the camera report that corresponds to the clip you are viewing.

Directors using OnSet can view clips that are sorted by scene and take. They can mark circle-takes and then view an assembly of the takes they have selected. They can then send an email from the app that lists all of their circle-takes and any comments they have entered into the system.

OnSet also has a feature called ‘Quick Edits’. This feature is intended to allow sequences of clips to be edited together in order to get a sense of how the material might cut.

OnSet has been designed so that the digital media tech (or a designated on-set data wrangler) can easily prep the material and sync multiple devices quickly.

For material shot with cameras from Red Digital, OnSet will parse information from the clip file names, including camera, reel, clip, and date.

Note from the developer: OnSet has so far been tested during production of short films. Performance of the app with the much larger number of assets associated with feature film production has yet to be explored. Look for updates on the Ripple Digital website as we move forward applying the app on new and larger productions.

(Note that OnSet does not perform any H.264 encoding. It is expected that the digital media tech, would encode using his software tool of choice, before syncing the material with OnSet. OnSet also does not allow you to create production documents - it provides you with a way to organize documents that you have scanned, photographed, or received electronically.)

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