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Apps for Cinema Artists

Motion Tracking Markers

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About the Motion Tracking Markers App



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Centerstar Investments LLC


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Job Tags for Motion Tracking Markers

vfx supervisor

Developer's Description

Motion Markers allow you to capture tracking data for video production. Simply open the app and place it on your set or in your shot, in post production you can track these markers and insert CGI elements, matte paintings, set extensions or even pair text to movement. Create amazing special effects using the same kind of professional markers the pros use, never be without a motion tracking marker ever again with this app. Track your devices screen and replace it with your own website or video, perfect for after effects projects or commercials.

“I use this app all the time! I love that it has multiple built-in tracking markers that show up very well on any set. A MUST HAVE for visual effect supervisors, VFX artists, DSLR Filmmaking and independent film directors. ” -James Cawley Director, Ridgeline Creative

Added Apr 06, 2012

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