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Magic Hour

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About the Magic Hour App


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Developer's Description

The light at sunrise and sunset is unlike any other time of day. The shadows are gone as the light is diffused through the Earth's atmosphere. It's called magic hour. Photographers and filmmakers frequently shoot at this time to capture the gorgeous light and for the sustained period of continuity. Magic Hour calculates when the next magic hour will occur based on your location and counts down to the start. Once you enter magic hour the countdown changes to a clock showing how much time remains for your shoot. You can also set an alert before magic hour occurs to help you get to your location in time.

At sunrise, we calculate magic hour to begin when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon and end when it's 6 degrees above. At sunset, magic hour starts when the sun is 6 degrees above the horizon and ends when it's 6 degrees below. We use the last known location if no network is found and make periodic attempts to update your location. Best of luck on your shoots.

Added Apr 06, 2012

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