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Directors and Cinematographers

Date Added

December 01, 2012

Developer's Description

From the creators of the PhotoForge series comes a revolutionary new camera app. Beautifully designed and packed with powerful features, KitCam is a must-have for anyone who loves taking pictures or shooting video.

KitCam is a virtual camera kit that contains an amazing assortment of lenses, films, and frames, which can be used to create incredible effects and turn your photos and videos into stunning works of art. All camera attachments are previewed live and are always reflected in full resolution outputs.

Live exposure and white balance compensation allow manual control to dynamically change the exposure and temperature of your photo or video all in real time before your eyes.

Effortlessly take great photos under any condition in automatic mode or using the manual controls to adjust separate focus and exposure points.

Continuous shooting, even with live effects, means you never need to wait for a full resolution photo to develop before shooting again. Combine with high speed burst mode to ensure you never miss that perfect shot.

Using the powerful shot editor, you never have to fear experimentation. Your original photo is always safe; all filters and edits can be undone or changed at any time.

Auto archiving allows you to automatically back up every photo you take to places like Flickr, DropBox, or FTP. Or manually share to any of your favorite social media destinations.

Check out the video at http://kitcamapp.com


★ Live Preview FX
Camera attachments (lenses, films, frames) can be previewed in real time before you take a photo and can be changed or removed even after its been taken using the shot editor.

✔ 13 Lenses add effects like vignettes, tilt shift, pinhole, fisheye and kaleidoscope
✔ 30 Films emulate the look of various vintage and black & white films
✔ 18 Frames uniquely showcase your photos
✔ Exposure & White Balance compensation controls like on a real camera

★ Full HD Video Recording
Record full HD video (1080p available on iPhone 5 only) with incredible live FX. Automatic video stabilization reduces shaky video and keeps your video looking sharp (iOS 6 only).

★ Aspect Ratios
Select from 4x3, 1x1, 3x2, or 16x9 aspect ratios, all previewed live.

★ Auto & Manual Focus Modes
Tap once to focus and expose on a specific point; tap with two fingers to set separate focus and exposure points. Tap on the focus and exposure handles to either lock them in place or make them continuously update focus and exposure, double tap to return to auto focus.

★ Low Light Boost
4x brighter photos in low light (iPhone 5 only)

★ Face Detection
Automatically focus and expose on faces found in the scene (iPhone 4S or better).

★ Built-In Composition Aides
Use the virtual horizon level, real time histogram, and many composition grids to help you take the best photo possible.

★ Stabilizer
Avoid blurry photos using the Stabilizer mode.

★ Multiple Exposures
Expose a frame multiple times to make truly incredible creations with the Multiple Exposure mode.

★ Multi-Shot
Shoot multiple photos in succession and compose them together into a single photo with various layouts using the Multi-Shot mode.

★ Time-lapse
Capture photos taken at a defined interval; automatically compose them into a video, or store all the stills using Time-Lapse mode.

★ Shot Editor
Incredibly powerful toolset for editing your photos: Auto Adjustments, Cropping, Straightening, Attachments, Exposure, White Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Mixer, Levels, Sharpening.

★ Non-Destructive Editing
Undo or change any edits made or anything selected when the original photo was taken (attachments, compensations, aspect ratio, zoom).

★ Auto Archiving
Automatically back up every photo taken to places like DropBox, Flickr or FTP.

★ Photo Sharing
Share multiple photos at once to destinations like Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Instagram, Tumblr. You can even create a picture postcard and send it anywhere in the world.

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