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Apps for Cinema Artists

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Software that can help you get a job done a little better or a little faster than before.   This is an regularly updated directory of 332 (and counting) mobile, tablet, and now desktop applications. We only include apps made for and used by film, television, and digital media professionals.

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Depth of Field 7

  • Windows Mobile
  • Useful for cinematographers and camera assistants
  • Depth of field calculator. Please note this app does not take or manipulate pictures using your phone. It is meant as a tool for DSLR owners. Latest update: Added support for new cameras such ... More »
  • App made by Leonardo Sobrado
Dec 02, 2012


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Dec 02, 2012


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Added over 3 years ago


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Golden Hour

  • Windows Mobile
  • Useful for cinematographers and still photographers
  • “In photography, the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day, when a specific photographic effect is achie ... More »
  • App made by IIXn
Dec 02, 2012


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Mobile Slate

  • Windows Mobile
  • Useful for camera assistants
  • Set your production details, arm the clapper and then touch anywhere on the screen to get an audible beep or clap sound to sync your film with your audio. *NEW in version 2.0 – Timecode Modes and ... More »
  • App made by Clinton Rocksmith
Dec 02, 2012



Press for "Apps for Cinema Artists"

"FWD:labs carries the most complete listing of linked professional apps I know besides of the fragmented Android Market (google play) and the iPhone App Store. I suspect it is a tenuous work to compile and link all proven working apps and much more your site offers. I thank you for sharing such complete list of iPhone and android apps for the cinematographer and the entertainment industry in general. I could not pass the opportunity let know my readers about your meticulous resource."
FILMCAST • 6/2013
"[R]idiculously useful compendium"
Directors Notes • 8/2010
"I thought [FWD:labs] had put together a useful list when I saw it last year, but that was nothing compared to now. If you're a filmmaker and looking for a little portable help in pre/production/post then chances are you'll find it in the Apps for Cinema Artists. I know I can be a little iPhone-centric when it comes to these things, but you’ll be pleased to know the list is completely platform agnostic."
Directors Notes • 3/2010
Pretty much every iPhone or Android App you'll ever need/want if you're a filmmaker
Josh Mandel ‏@JMMandel • 7/2012
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