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Camera Assistants and DITs

Date Added

September 29, 2013

Developer's Description

MPC DataCalc Pro is a dedicated iPhone/iPad app designed to accurately calculate the amount of data acquired for each stage of your project, from pre-production to shoot, post and delivery. Developed by MPC’s Data Lab, the app provides excellent support to every digital film professional, from Producer, to DIT, to VFX Supervisor and more.

MPC DataCalc Pro is made up of five sections to make data calculations clear, simple and accurate. Data can be entered on any section with the results transferred to the other sections for complete workflow calculations.

The time calculator’s intuitive interface allows you to perform normally complicated time calculations at the touch of a button, and easily convert between units, for example from timecode to hours or minutes to frames.
Want to know how many minutes footage you would shoot with 2 cameras each shooting 20 minutes over 3 days? No problem. Then convert that to seconds?. Easy.

With over 60 digital cameras to choose from and hundreds of formats, the Shoot tab allows you to accurately estimate the amount of data produced on any shoot. Choose a camera, codec, resolution, frame rate and run time to give the amount of data produced. Conversely, input the amount of data created to calculate the run time. The Stereo button allows dual camera calculations.

Camera Info
This tab gives you a large range of technical specifications for each camera, helping you choose the right camera for the job.

Select a film gauge, frame rate and run time to calculate the footage used. Conversely, find the running time from the footage. Feet and meters are supported.

Choose from over 70 current popular editing or finishing codecs to calculate the storage required for the post on your project. Switch between Shoot, Film and Post tabs to calculate the difference between your acquisition and transcoded material.

The transfer tab allows you to calculate how long it will take to transfer a given amount of data over a wide range of peripherals or connections/bandwidths. Conversely, find out how much you will be able to transfer in a given time.

Workflow example.
Suppose I’m shooting ARRIRAW on an ARRI Alexa. I estimate 1.5 hours a day for 3 weeks. The Time Calculator will give me the total run time, and the Shoot tab will tell me how much data that will produce. I can then switch to the Post tab, and at the touch of a button find out how much storage I will need on my AVID or Final Cut Pro system. Using the Transfer tab I can find out how long it will take to copy my rushes onto a Firewire drive, or how long it will take me to transfer my edit over FTP.

The MPC DataCalc Pro will be regularly updated with new Cameras and Codecs so you’ll always be up to date with the latest technology. You can contact us at datacalc@moving-picture.com with any queries.

The Calculations of MPC DataCalc Pro are solely intended for estimation purposes only. Video codecs that use a Variable Bit Rate (VBR) adjust data rate based on the source footage. MPC DataCalc Pro VBR codecs have been calculated by their target Bit rate. Actual data sizes may vary dependant on content.

About MPC and MPC’s Data Lab
MPC (The Moving Picture Company) is a world leading post production facility creating high-end digital visual effects, computer animation and integrated digital services for the feature film, advertising, music and broadcast industries.

MPC’s Data Lab provides support for all data-acquisition projects, and offers assistance and production management across all stages of your digital pipeline. Building on the strengths of MPC’s non-linear digital workflow and data management services, the state of the art facility also offers workflow consultancy, digital dailies, rushes for editors and a full range of digital transcoding for commercials, feature films and broadcast.

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