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Cinematographers, Camera Assistants, DITs and Editors

Date Added

August 08, 2013

Developer's Description

Drylab Dailies is a powerful dailies distribution system you can incorporate into any workflow, and that’s simple to use anywhere. It has been developed by industry professionals, with first-hand knowledge about practical issues and security requirements, and has already been used on international productions such as Stella Days (starring Martin Sheen) and A Thousand Times Goodnight (starring Juliette Binoche). No other system on the market is so versatile, so user friendly, or so secure.

Digital filmmaking was supposed to make dailies more easily available. Instead, we got disks, files and FTP accounts, with very limited options for navigating, searching or looking up reference information.

With Dailies Viewer you can choose what to make available, and make sure everyone sees what they need, whether they are responsible for storytelling, design, special effects or continuity.

Compatible with most workflows
Dailies Creator is a simple-to-use drag & drop application that ingests and transcodes any QuickTime file, and generates dailies for immediate iPad distribution.

It can also automatically integrate metadata from Cam Report and merge them with the video files. Or simply enter metadata manually and use the drag & drop interface to quickly tag your takes.

Distribute anywhere
The final result can be distributed locally on-set via wifi, or to team members anywhere via Dropbox. Drylab Dailies can therefore be deployed even if you don’t have an Internet connection where you’re shooting.

Dailies need to be kept safe and secure, but at the same time easily available to your team, both on set and off. An iPad, with advanced security features and encrypted storage, is well suited for this, and much better than DVDs, hard disks and FTP passwords on post-it notes or in emails.

In addition to the iPad’s built-in security, we provide on-set pairing, encrypted connections (both local and remote), to make sure your film stays at the fingertips of your team and no-one else. All network connections use HTTPS to prevent eavesdropping. Clips and metadata distributed via Dropbox are encrypted (using AES-256), and can only be decrypted by paired and authorized Dailies Viewers. This means that even in the unlikely event of a breach of the Dropbox account’s security, the Dailies files stored there are still unreadable by any attacker.

The iPad’s buil-in security features include content encryption, GPS tracking, enforcement of strict password policies, remote wiping, and automatic wiping in the case of too many failed login attempts.

Please note: Dailies Viewer is intended for use on feature film productions, and requires Dailies Creator to generate content.


- Browse beautiful, Retina-resolution thumbnails
- Extensive metadata
- Navigate by day, scene, shot or roll
- Filter by tags (e.g. "circled")
- Quickly find anything with full-text search
- AirPlay playback
- Pair with Dailies Creator on set. Receive Dailies anywhere

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