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About the CollabraCam App


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Directors and Cinematographers

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December 02, 2012

Developer's Description

CollabraCam is the world’s first multi camera video production iPhone app with live editing and director-to-camera communication.

CollabraCam provides a quick, easy and fun way to shoot and simultaneously edit live video from multiple cameras using iPhones, iPod Touches and iPad 2. CollabraCam links iOS devices running the app over local Wi-Fi to create a video switcher and communication control room with a simple, yet powerful, live video editing workflow.

You and your crew will produce exciting, dynamic videos with minimal post-production. As the director, you can view, record and edit from up to four live-streaming iOS cameras in real-time while also having the ability to silently cue the camera operators to perform pan, track, dolly or tilt camera moves or request a high or low angle.

Video clips are recorded and saved to the cameras and transferred to the director at the end of a session. When the director calls it a wrap and saves the session, the clips are transferred from the cameras and assembled in a matter of minutes!

The assembled movie can be viewed in the app and exported to your Camera Roll in three sizes. Video clips can be exported to your Camera Roll to edit in a video editing app or saved via File Sharing in iTunes to edit on your computer … or if you’ve exported clips to your Camera Roll but not had a chance to edit in an app yet, then open iMovie on your computer, plug in your device and it will automatically ask to download the clips! With minimal time and effort, you can assemble clips, add transitions and music to complete your movie’s final cut.

CollabraCam on the go with a corded or battery-powered wireless router, an ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) wireless network on a laptop, a mobile HotSpot device or with iPhone HotSpot*. An internet connection is not required for any of these solutions to broadcast a Wi-Fi network for use with CollabraCam.

CollabraCam is for real-life collaborative storytelling and makes video production a social experience. Download CollabraCam, assemble your crew and crowd source your first video production today!

*With HotSpot for iPhone, the director device should be the HotSpot.

CollabraCam General Features:
✔ View the User Guide in the app or print with AirPrint
✔ Enter your name, nickname or Twitter name for credits

Director Features:
✔ Direct a multi camera video on any iOS device over Wi-Fi
✔ Connect with up to four iPhone, iPod Touch 4G or iPad 2 cameras
✔ View, record and edit streaming video on-the-fly, in real-time
✔ Record from one camera and queue another camera on standby
✔ Send camera move or angle cue communication to camera operators
✔ Credits are automatically generated when a session is saved
✔ Resume a saved session with the same crew or a different one
✔ Export an assembled movie at 640x480, 480x320 or 192x144
✔ Export video clips to the Camera Roll to edit in a video editing app
✔ Save video clips to edit on a computer via File Sharing in iTunes

Camera Operator Features:
✔ Operate a camera with iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S), iPod Touch 4G or iPad 2
✔ Instant notification from the director of standby or recording status
✔ Receive camera move or angle cue communication from the director
✔ Clips are saved on cameras and transferred to the director

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