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Directors and Cinematographers

Date Added

February 20, 2014

Developer's Description


CineDroid - Android Pro Video Camera

Film video with pro camera features!

*App tested with HTC One S. Devices with custom roms and kernels are not guaranteed to work properly, if at all!

*UPDATE: This app’s development has been halted by myself. The source is finally released at https://github.com/shrthndin/CineDroid.git

For Android 4.0.3+

*Stable frame rate and bitrate for all camera supported frame rates.

*Exposure and White Balance Locking on supported drivers.

*Saturation, contrast and sharpness camera controls (Only for Qualcomm Snapdragon devices for now)

*Rack Focus with delay and on run (record) setting (Idea from
Magic Lantern custom firmware for Canon EOS camera’s).

*Optimal focus info in touch focus bracket (depends on camera driver for dynamic update).

*Approx. Kelvin temperature naming for White Balance modes.

*Live Audio Preview with Peak VU Meter (headphones needed).

*Disable AGC (works by setting input to be processed as voice recognition, this is hackish since Android’s SDK doesn’t have an official AGC disable function yet.)
Long tap on exposure icon (box with animated shutter disc) to set it’s measurement area and reset to normal. Single tap sets it to lock/unlock.

Long tapping on focus bracket sets rack focus positions and resets it. The settings menu contains the delay amount and rack focus on run options.

The indicators are the buttons (the settings cycle when tapped). The zoom factor is controlled by the volume buttons when recording.
Rack focus works best with high contrast scenes with lots of detail!
Adjust your recording bitrates in the settings menu to lower values if you get crashes on trying to record. 8mb/s for video and 64 kb/s for audio are good values to test with.

This application is fully functional WITHOUT ads! This app will remain free in the future with source code available on github due too the frequent changes of hardware and OS support. This app should be considered a constant experiment.

If you experience issues on your device email me the camera.parameters.txt file from the CineDroid folder on the external storage.

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