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October 07, 2011

Developer's Description

How do you get into show business? How can you get cast in a film or TV show if you don’t know what is out there. Actor Genie is here to grant your wish. This App is the brainchild of veteran Hollywood Casting Director, Heidi Levitt. She has worked in LA and New York for over 25 years on films like the Oscar winning film, The Artist, JFK, Natural Born Killers, The Rock, Lakeview Terrace, and many more. She is bringing you the best inside information you can find to move your career on the fast track.

Find out the latest casting calls for Film and TV in both Los Angeles and New York, along with priceless tips from well known actors, and directors like Mark Ruffalo, Brett Ratner, Juliette Lewis, Peter Facinelli and more. Best of all, Actor Genie Audition is Free.

* “Actor Genie” Featured app on Huffington Post, NY Times, and LA Times*

* “Actor Genie” is also a Top Ten App in The Hollywood Reporter.

“This is such a smart app. So easy to use and so much great info! I’m not even an actor — I downloaded it to get more up to date on the industry and it’s amazing. For actors, I really don’t know how you could go without actor genie. Buy it now people. It’s worth it!”
- RyeRyeLou

“Casting opportunities, Talent and Management, Casting Director info & contacts at your fingertips. Easy to use, simple to set up.”
- marklaca

There are a lot of names in the entertainment profession and Actor Genie Audition is the most important item in your actor’s tool belt and because it’s free, it fits perfectly into your starving actor’s budget.

This is an App for anyone interested in what’s REALLY casting in Film and TV complete with thumbnail casting info and storylines. The info we have is legit and we only post projects that are actively seeking talent, unlike the fake casting sites that ask you to pay to register. We at Actor Genie, get real information from the seasoned professionals we know and trust. Armed with Actor Genie Audition you can get a jump start on the competition to stay in the know . You can arrive totally prepared and relaxed, which might even help you snag a part.

By upgrading to the full Actor Genie, you also get a golden directory of talent agents, managers, casting directors and their assistants. By upgrading you will also get Genie’s best recommendations for acting coaches, headshot photographers, places to get your reel done, ways to get cast even if you don’t have an agent and so much more. Best of all, by upgrading you will have an Ad free App that delivers everything you need from Maps to contact numbers.

Best of all, this information comes straight from veteran casting director, Heidi Levitt. Heidi has experience casting roles in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, including The Artist, JFK, Natural Born Killers, Joy Luck Club and many, many more. She knows people, knows the industry and she’s sharing her expertise with you in this app.

* Up-to-the-minute scoop on what’s casting in Film and Television in LA and NY.

*Today’s Take: The Genie’s insider advice and tips from well-known actors, directors, writers, producers and casting directors.

* Video capture. Tell Genie why you want to be an actor and many will be featured on The Actor Genie Channel

*Upgrade to the full version of actor genie and get contact info on agents, managers and casting directors and Genie’s top ten list for the best headshot photographers, acting gurus and more

Download your copy of Actor Genie Audition now. The developers are offering it to you free of charge to help you kick start your career or help you satisfy your hunger for industry news.

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