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About the AClapBoard App


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Rolf-Dieter Klein


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Cinematographers, Camera Assistants and Editors

Date Added

May 12, 2009

Developer's Description

A digital clapboard/Slate and client time measurement system.

Ideal for helping syncing stereo videos as for the new youtube STEREO format (see for yt3d tag) for two cameras

Features: timecode calculator, color charts, 2-pop sync, color bars, 2-pop, map display of the locations.

The application combines many functions useful for film makers but also in general for free lancer.

Usually a clapboard is used by the 1st camera assistant, but this App is for all videofilmers, using a semiprofessional or lowcost equipment not being able to sync exactly, it helps getting managed with the film making process.

The digital clapboard, can be used for synchronisation of multiple cameras, e.g. the classic clapboard function, but also for scene management.
Clapboards also known as clapperboard, or clapboard slate with a hinged clapstick usually were made of a wooden slate. Smart slates are expansive devices with electronic SMPTE time code, but this application can replace it in many cases.

The IN and OUT times can be recorded, to have an easy overview of scene lengths. The clapboard can display scene numners, takes, pickups, MOS, etc.
Also user selectable is the fps (15..100 fps), displayed in the running timecode, which can be either a realtime clock or a manual set start.
Pressing the start button triggers the sync function after 5 seconds. You can choose between different clap sounds and animations, After the sync has been done, you can start the IN point, for example when the action takes place and after an OUT point, so you know the scene length.
A nice function is the digital nivelling function, so a horizontal position of the clapboard can be used to align the camera (two arrows optional displayed at the side show the alignment).
All is stored to a hierarchical database with project and production names.
The result can be displayed or send via email as plain text, CSV, or html text.
A GET LOCATION button allows you to mark the scene with the actual measured location (iPhone GPS for example).
All scenes can have additional notes stored in the database.

Beside the film projects you can also define task projects, and define a taskname, notes, and trigger an IN and OUT, so you measure programming tasks,or maintenance at clients or for film projects times for cutting, sound effects etc. The list is also saved in the database and can be send via email.
Also a lcoation information can be saved and you simply click on the map link to see where you took the scene or task.
A tool also helful for free lancer.

We work since years for tv production (BR ComputerTreff and ComputerTrend.TV) and missed such a handy device, using pen and blocks, or even simply claps for our stereo camcorder projects or separate sound syncing when using a lower cost camcorder (most HDTV consumer products lack in a good audio!).
So it was done also for our own usage.

update ideas are welcome but send them to our support email. Upcoming feature LTC timecode support for real sync.

Rolf-Dieter Klein

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