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Cinematographers, Camera Assistants and DITs

Date Added

August 06, 2013

Developer's Description

3D ST is a pocket calculator for the stereoscopic (3D) photographer and cinematographer.

In the STEREO CALCULATOR the user is able to calculate values for INTEROCULAR, FOCAL LENGTH, CONVERGENCE ANGLE, CONVERGENCE PLANE as well as the NEAR and FAR RANGE values for any given setup.

A toggle switch in the calculator allows the user to quickly switch between CONVERGENCE or PARALLEL shooting modes.

The custom Panasonic AG-3DA1 mode of the calculator allows you to determine settings for near and far distances, to and from the scales from 00-99 of zoom and convergence.

(+) and (-) INCHING BUTTONS for variables within the calculator for distances, interocular, degrees convergence and focal length allow for easy recalculations.

The SETTINGS page gives the user the options of choosing their camera, image/scan resolution and screen formats, as well as adding and removing their own custom presets.

Your CAMERA FORMAT is chosen from a long list of today’s most popular cameras, as well as many other common sensor formats.

The CAMERA / SCAN RESOLUTION list offers a long list of resolution presets based on the resolution of your images when moving into post.

The SCREEN FORMAT list offers a list of projection screens as well as mobile device and television screen sizes so the user can cater their stereoscopic material to whatever final output screen they desire.

You will find that the extensive lists found in the Settings page are an invaluable resource even for projects that aren’t shot in 3D!

There is also a toggle switch so you can chose to operate in IMPERIAL or METRIC.

Also included in 3D ST is a DEPTH OF FIELD CALCULATOR.

The Depth Of Field Calculator references the values in the Stereo Calculator so that the user can quickly determine where to set his/her focus to meet the desired Depth of Field within a given setup.
The FOCUS and RANGE values are laid out side-by-side so that they are quickly and easily compared.

The PARALLAX page gives the photographer a detailed outline of how the stereo image will translate into post-production and ultimately projection.

A PARALLAX LIMIT can be set to your overall parallax in order to adjust the depth perspective of your stereoscopic images. This allows the photographer to cater to a more or less advanced 3D audience.

From the Parallax Limit, values for FILM PARALLAX, PIXEL SHIFT and TOTAL DIVERGENCE (%) are calculated.

Based on the calculated FRAME MAGNIFICATION between your Sensor and the intended Screen Format a value for SCREEN PARALLAX is also displayed.

In the EXTRAS page you can find the Glossary, Manual and an About page.

The GLOSSARY is a long list of terms relevant to the stereographer. This allows the user to expand their vernacular and increase their knowledge about the art of stereoscopy.

The MANUAL is available through a link to the 3D ST website.

3D ST is an easy way to calculate the values you need to create the pleasing 3D images featured in the increasingly long list of films being shot stereoscopically.

Get in on the action with 3D ST, and make your next film in 3D!

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