Hand-crafted, cinematic
fiction and non-fiction films

FWD:labs does full-service work from start to finish as well as à la carte consulting. Our fiction work ranges from music videos to actor demos; our non-fiction ranges from TV spots to product demos.

We are based in Los Angeles, but we frequently work worldwide — complete with 4K capture capabilities. Send us details about your story and we will get in touch.

Photo: we shot Super16mm with a lightweight Aaton and Kodak film stock for a short film that went on to screen at Tribecca International.

Our Fiction Film

Perfect for creatives dreaming of content that embraces entertainment, information, and creativity

  • Branded Content and Advertisements
  • Music Videos and Webisodes
  • Book Trailers and Company Promos
  • Short Films and Showreels
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Our Non-Fiction Film

Great for businesses and events to showcase highlights and messaging across one video or a series of videos

  • Documentaries and Profiles
  • Broadcast Commercials and EPKs
  • Mobile App Demos and Crowdfunding Pitches
  • Testimonials and Event Videography
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Experience Our Work

All cinematography and most directing work © FWD:labs  •  Music: Simian Mobile Disco "I Believe"


Lifting the Mood to Boost E-mail Open Rates and Donations

UCLA Fund "Duel"


Creating a NY Times Bestselling Author's Book to Boost Pre-sales

Scott Sigler's "Ancestor"


Upgrading a Musician's YouTube Channel to Look Official

Lucia Comnes "Potpourri"


Simple, Informative Testimonials for a Trade School

Brookline College


Showcasing a Series of Grantees for a Non-Profit

The Durfee Foundation "First Person"


Showcasing a VIP Guest's Visit plus One-On-One Discussion

Art Center College of Design Profile Series

Some of Our Clients

The Durfee Foundation
Lucia Comnes
Michael Grecco

Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

"Aaron is a creative cinematographer and director who is able to understand the needs of the client, create a detailed plan that explains his approach to those needs, and deliver a final product that is engaging and entertaining. He is responsive, making requested changes quickly and effectively — and he does all of this in a personable, professional manner. I have enjoyed both the process and the results of working with Aaron, and look forward to future projects."
Kathy Lisiewicz, Production Coordinator

110% Every Time

"Aaron is a very professional and competent Director of Photography. He puts 110% into every project. He understands the importance of collaboration and uses his creativity to ensure the best images are captured."
Brooke Dooley, Producer

Diligent, Intelligent, Creative

"Aaron is an incredibly diligent, intelligent, and creative Director of Photography and entrepreneur. Thanks to his enviable work ethic, personal vision, and affable nature he has already succeeded in many ways as a designer, film maker, and friend and I know he will only continue to impress and inspire in his future endeavors."
Jaraad Virani, Director

Why a FWD:labs Production

Photo: we shot 4.5k and HD together in this documentary on a women's swimming and diving team.


We listen, and get what you need.

Creative Strategy. We think about why, not just how. We will work with you to find a storyline to reach your creative, business and customer needs. We look beyond a single video to how it can continue to be experienced long term.

Creative Vision. Tell us what's missing. We provide solutions. Our images and messages leave a mark. Our styles, colors and mis-en-scene are stunning. People will remember.

Creative Consulting. We think about your brand identity. Since video is the most shared form of content today, we strive for an captivating experience. We can recommend where you need to go, even if it's uncharted territory.


With us, you get more.

More Experience. We have a proven track record with commercials, industrials, and short and long form content. Pulling from our collective pool of talented crew personnel, we can create a distinct social web identity for you.

More Identity. We find the sights, sounds and personal moments to capture your persona. We never take off our thinking caps, and can give you what your online identity is missing.

More Deliverables. We shoot stills while we shoot motion. We can export via web, mobile, broadcast and film. We provide more than you ask for because we are the breed that goes above and beyond.


It's not "the end" — it's the beginning.

Fresh Quality & Quantity. We look at the busy viral video landscape and recommend serial content — be consistently engaging in your campaign. Our goals are like yours: long term.

Fresh Approaches. Video is not the answer, it's part of the solution. We can create additional content like coupons and codes to generate sales and leads, not just views. Interact with your audience — they're there.

Fresh Marketing. We can develop social media strategies, build a newsletter, and recommend online placements to add to the hit tick. By listening to you, we can identify and diversify your audience from current to prospective users.

Full Service or à la carte

We offer a full-service creative studio, but we can also focus on one aspect for you, too, such as crew, technicians or consultants.

Extra Production Value

We shoot both RED ONE Mysterium-X and Canon 7D HDSLR, but can accomodate shooting with any other digital or film capture format.

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Photo: we used a circular dolly track to introduce a band in their debut music video.