Our services in film, web, and design range from full-service custom work to à la carte consulting


Creative Direction

  • Strategic creative briefs
  • Scope and project management
  • Structure and information architecture
  • Skeleton and beta testing
  • Surface and launch
  • Project management, marketing, and communications

Cinema Production

  • Commercials and campaigns
  • Music videos and showcase profiles
  • Documentaries and industrials
  • Branded content and webisodes
  • Theater, television, online, and mobile optimization

Front-end Design

  • Concept sketches and wireframes
  • User interface design (UI)
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Cross-platform programming
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and information architecture

Back-end Development

  • Documented, object-oriented programming
  • Scalable, fast database architecture
  • User-generated content and login systems
  • Multi-server admin and management
  • Amazon S3, Google Apps, and API integrations

User Experience

  • Traffic reports and analytics
  • E-mail and social media marketing
  • Quality control (QC) testing and user scenarios
  • Procedural documentation
  • Media or browser specific variations
  • Mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop responsiveness

Print Design and Writing

  • Logo, branding, and brand collateral
  • Document layout and typesetting
  • Product, portrait, and candid photography
  • Social media, e-mail marketing, and blog copy

Our Work

We specialize in film, web, and design, especially for small businesses, higher ed, and non-profits

Council of Fashion Designers of Scandinavia

Design, Development, E-Commerce (Stripe)
Thumbnail for Council of Fashion Designers of Scandinavia

Thumbnail for UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

Design, Development, Video

The Durfee Foundation

Co-Design/Development, Video
Thumbnail for The Durfee Foundation

Thumbnail for Stage THIS

Stage THIS

Design, Development, Event RSVPs, E-mail Marketing

Labor United for Universal Healthcare

Design, Development, Logo, Print Collateral
Thumbnail for Labor United for Universal Healthcare

Thumbnail for UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (2008-2012)

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (2008-2012)

Design, Development, Video, Custom CMS

Thumbnail for Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability

Thumbnail for Musical Theater Los Angeles

Musical Theater Los Angeles

Design, Development, E-mail Design, E-Commerce

Boba Fett Fan Club

Design, Development, Community Management
Thumbnail for Boba Fett Fan Club

Our Process

Our workflow for every job hits the mark, on time and on budget


We start with a conversation.

We chat, going from the big picture to the little details to learn what you know and love. We listen, taking notes and pinning to cork boards. We collaborate, asking about goals, metrics, and sustainable solutions. Each idea we pitch is tailored to you.
Thumbnail for We start with a conversation.

We deliver Phase 1.

Film: Pre-Production
Web and Design: Creative Direction

We provide lo-fi sketches and high-concept ideas about what you and your brand can do. We focus a strategy that works for all your creative, user, and business needs and desires.


We start Phase 2...

Film: Production
Web and Design: Front-end Design

We agree on the scope of the work and come up with a structure for the work. We hit the ground running with how things look and feel.
Thumbnail for We start Phase 2...

...and deliver Phase 2.

Film: Post-Production
Web and Design: Back-end Development

We continue with the skeleton for the project, laying out what goes where and sharing a proof of concept that shows what we got in the context of its final medium and devices.


We deliver Phase 3.

Film: Promotion and Distribution
Web and Design: User Experience and Engagement

We finalize the surface of the work, embracing the little details and going the extra mile with delivering in optimized, findable ways to your audience.
Thumbnail for We deliver Phase 3.

We high-five.

Film: Watch and Enjoy
Web and Design: Share and Enjoy

We look at analytics and see what worked, especially for the many long-term projects we have that can iterate and evolve sustainably.

Ready to go super fast forward?

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Photo: community art exhibit called "Glow" on the Santa Monica beach, taken by FWD:labs founder Aaron Proctor.