We offer top-notch custom work and consulting in film, web, and design

Our services cover...


Creative Direction

  • Strategic creative briefs
  • Scope and project management
  • Structure and information architecture
  • Skeleton and beta testing
  • Surface and launch
  • Marketing and communications

Cinema Production

  • Commercials and multi-spot campaigns
  • Music Videos and profiles
  • Documentaries and industrials
  • Branded content and webisodes
  • Theater, television, online, and mobile optimization

Front-end Design

  • Sketches and wireframes
  • High-impact UI/UX
  • Semantic HTML
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • SEO, findability, and information architecture

Back-end Development

  • Documented, object-oriented PHP
  • Scalable MySQL database architecture
  • User-generated content and management
  • Multi-server Linux/Apache admin
  • Amazon S3 and Google Apps optimization

User Experience

  • Quality assurance testing and user scenarios
  • Detailed procedural documentation
  • Media or browser agent queries
  • Mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop

Print Design

  • Branding
  • InDesign layout
  • RGB and CMYK production
  • Proof and printing oversight
  • Product, portraiture, and candid photography

Our Work

We often dive into film, web, and design, especially for small biz, higher ed, and non-profits

SCI-Arc Viewbook

Development, Design Implementation
Thumbnail for SCI-Arc Viewbook

Thumbnail for UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

Design, Development, Video

The Durfee Foundation

Co-Design/Development, Video
Thumbnail for The Durfee Foundation

Thumbnail for Stage THIS

Stage THIS

Design, Development, Event RSVPs, E-mail Blasts

Labor United for Universal Healthcare

Design, Development, Logo, Print Collateral
Thumbnail for Labor United for Universal Healthcare

Thumbnail for UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (2008-2012)

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (2008-2012)

Design, Development, Video, Custom CMS

Thumbnail for Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability

Thumbnail for Musical Theater Los Angeles

Musical Theater Los Angeles

Design, Development, E-mail Design, E-Commerce

Boba Fett Fan Club

Design, Development, Community Management
Thumbnail for Boba Fett Fan Club

Our Process

We rock film, web, and/or design, often as a full-service, unified campaign but also gladly à la carte

What it's like to work with FWD:labs

We start with a conversation.

We get the ball rolling by asking questions, going from the big picture to the little details that you know and love. We listen and collaborate. We take notes and use cork boards. We ask about goals and strive at sustainable solutions. Each idea is customized to your needs.
Thumbnail for We start with a conversation.

We deliver Phase 1.

Film: Pre-Production
Web and Design: Creative Direction

This step provides lo-fi ideas about what you and your brand can embody based on our chat. Our process involves recommendations for strategy, scope, structure, skeleton, and then surface, which often entails creative briefs, project management, information architecture, beta testing, and a comprehensive marketing communications launch plan

We deliver Phase 2A...

Film: What You See
Web and Design: Front-end Design

We do wireframe sketchs, pixel-perfect user interfaces, backwards-compatible HTML5, and asynchronous JavaScript, starting with a platform agnostic approach
Thumbnail for We deliver Phase 2A...

...and Phase 2B.

Film: What You Don't See
Web and Design: Back-end Development

We rock object-oriented PHP, scalable MySQL databases, user-generated content, multi-server Linux/Apache administration, and cloud-based Amazon S3 integration; we also comment and backup our code

We deliver Phase 3.

Film: Promotion and User Engagement
Web and Design: User Experience and Engagement

We go the extra mile with quality assurance testing, user scenarios, detailed procedural documentation, and testing for 4 platforms: mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop
Thumbnail for We deliver Phase 3.

We high-five.

Film: Watch and Enjoy
Web and Design: Share and Enjoy

We go the extra mile with quality assurance testing, user scenarios, detailed procedural documentation, and testing for 4 platforms: mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop

Part of every job

Supervised Hosting

With our web (design and/or development) or film (production and/or post-production), we can also provide secure, robust, and scalable hosting

Responsive and Compatible

Your website and/or video works on devices large and small, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or large screen desktop

Project and Content Management

For web work, we wrote our own CMS, but can also rock WordPress and other custom efforts

Direct Support

Defining and managing your brand can be challenging — we're here to help provide solutions

Powering Every Site

Data Servers

Your site runs via MediaTemple dedicated and shared servers, known for solid uptime, support, and security

Media Servers

Your work can be served by the Amazon S3 cloud-based content delivery network and its Cloudfront CDN

Content and Search Engine Optimization

Your site uses the latest standards -- structured data Schema.org tags and OpenGraph markup -- as well as compliance vetted by Google Webmaster Tools and YSlow to get the most out of your content


Your site can be set up with an SSL certificate to securely enable integrated e-commerce transactions


We can integrate with credit card payments (Stripe, PayPal) and checkout applications (WooCommerce)

Ready to go super fast forward?

Tell Us About Your Project

Questions? Browse support & help or contact us • we're here for you!
Photo: community art exhibit called "Glow" on the Santa Monica beach, taken by FWD:labs founder Aaron Proctor.